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It is very easy to use Happy Float! Happy Float allows balloons to extend the floating time of up to 25 times! With Happy Float, you can setup your helium filled balloons a day ahead of time to maximize your preparation time! 

Happy Float is non-toxic and non-irritating balloon solution. 

Steps to use Happy Float:

1. Remove the cap from the bottle and securely attach the pump, then turn the pump counterclockwise to unlock the nozzle. (For first time use of the bottle, you have to pump multiple times to get the solution into the nozzle)

2. Slide the balloon onto the nozzle until the pump nozzle reaches the base of the balloon. 

3. For an 12-inch balloon depress the pump fully. For other sized balloons, consult the table below to determine how much Happy Float to add.

Balloon Size Press Down Pump
9 inches Halfway
12 inches 1 time
14 inches 2 times
16 inches 3 times


4. Pinch the balloon when you are removing it, cleaning the pump nozzle and keeping Happy Float out of the neck of the balloon. Keeping the solution out of the neck of the balloon will make it easier to handle and tie.

5. Rub the balloon for a couple of seconds to spread the Happy Float solution inside the balloon. While rubbing, elevate the opening to allow air to escape and to prevent liquid from entering the neck of the balloon.

6. After all steps are completed, you can now inflate your balloons that are filled with Happy Float solution!

If Happy Float solution contacts the eye, flush with water for several minutes. If irritation persists, consult a physician.

Please keep it out of reach for all children. Will require adult supervision.